Over 40 million people use Nift to discover and try new products and services — from music, jewelry, and wine delivery, to neighborhood restaurants and bars. 

Nift seamlessly integrates brands as a ‘thank you’ within consumer apps, like MindBody, AfterPay, and iHeartRadio, rewarding millions of consumer actions each month. Nift’s patented AI finds incremental new customers most likely to deliver the right LTV, with the delightful loyalty-building experience of receiving a gift.


Acquire net-new customers at scale, at your target LTV and lower CAC than paid social.


During your kickoff call, we’ll align on performance KPIs, attribution, and desired scale. Together, we’ll adjust your audience settings, select gift categories, and create a unique gift that delivers an efficient CAC and maintains target LTV. We’ll share best practices and set up a low-lift test to pilot your campaign. There are no minimums to set up a test. Once your test launches, we’ll monitor, optimize, and scale or pause as needed. Results are typically available the next day. 

“Brands are over-reliant on Google and Meta for Growth. Nift provides a new channel which has low barriers to entry and immediate results.”
— DTC Growth Consultant

Our top performers are e-commerce brands that sell directly to customers and are seeking scalable growth channel alternatives to paid social. Lifestyle brands, food and beverage, home and garden, pets and animals, health and wellness, hobbies and leisure, and apparel are all examples of verticals that successfully acquire customers on Nift’s platform.

Nift beats other channels and reliably delivers significant volume, below CPA targets for some of the world’s largest brands. Plus, they manage it all, so it’s a no-brainer for me.“
— Major Rocket, Performance Marketing

As a fully managed service, Nift will monitor and optimize your campaign in real time, and provide transparent access to all metrics via proprietary dashboards. Our customer success team is ready to share best practices and assist you as you set up, test, and grow your campaign. 

Shopify, Braze, Iterable, Klaviyo, Listrak and hash lists are used to exclude existing customers—ensuring net-new customer acquisition. Conversions, CAC, and AOV may be tracked via Shopify, webhooks, pixels, or manually via CSV. 

People who use Nift have been thanked with a Nift gift card by one of our various exclusive partners, like Meetup, Afterpay, Mindbody, and ParkMobile. They receive their surprise Nift gift card via email or push notification after completing an action, like making a purchase or using a service. This makes Nift’s audience truly unique.

Simply put, surprise thank-you gifts beat ad interruptions. When people use a Nift gift card, they are open to trying something new. Traditionally known as “top-of-funnel” consumers, they tell Nift what types of things they’d be interested in trying and our patented AI matches them with the best two gift options available at that moment. This competition ensures only the highest-selected, best-liked gifts are shown—driving brands to offer exclusive high-value gifts you’ll only find on Nift. The combination of best-in-class gifts and personalized curation results in higher conversion rates than other channels.  

Businesses can expect to acquire customers within 24-48 hours of their gift going live. We recommend keeping a gift live for at least 30 days to measure performance. You’ll have access to real-time reporting and your client success manager will be with you every step of the way, making recommendations and offering insights to improve performance and maintain goals.

Similar to other performance marketing channels, brands set a monthly budget for each gift they include on the network and a maximum cost per person (CPP). Nift’s algorithms continuously optimize CPP bids to improve performance. If the entire budget is not used within a month, brands are only charged for the amount used. Monthly budgets can be changed at any time. For specific accounts, Nift’s internal team of client success managers can also set weekly and daily budgets as needed. 

Brands pay Nift a cost per person (CPP) every time a person selects their gift. These gifts generate first-time sales from people who are more likely to become repeat customers. In addition to thousands of monthly conversions, brands also have access to first-party data and opt-in permissions that enable them to retarget anyone who selects their gift but does not immediately convert. This further improves funnel metrics and ROI. In this way, Nift is able to fuel discovery and trial, delivering top-of-funnel customers at costs comparable with bottom-of-funnel metrics.

This is where Nift truly shines. With an audience of over 35 million, we deliver scale more efficiently than paid social. It’s the reason why Nift is quietly stealing ad budgets away from other performance marketing platforms. Our brands rely on Nift to cost-effectively deliver thousands of net new, first-time sales every month.

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Verifiable way to drive traffic and acquire customers. Bring in diners and first-party data.


Try our no-risk, zero fee pilot. It’s a light lift for marketers, and there’s no POS integration needed. We’ll work with you to create a gift that aligns with your ROAS goals and is as easy to redeem at the register as a traditional advertising promo code. We can geo-target by zip code and drive traffic to locations that need it most. We expect to see results within a week. Every customer and transaction is tracked and we have 100% Footfall attribution. 

Nift can use email data from your POS or loyalty program to ensure that existing customers can’t access your gift offer. This is optional but is incredibly valuable for concepts looking to get true “new to restaurant” diners.

Yes. You can target by zip code across the country to access over 35 million people. Nift customers are top-of-funnel consumers who have received a Nift gift card as a thank-you from one of our exclusive partners, like Mindbody and ParkMobile. They are not people who have heard of you and are searching for a discount for your restaurant. Gift offers appear based on Nift’s AI, predicted selection rates, and conversion data. By selecting categories, customers show interest before they see your restaurant’s specific gift offer. 


Every time a customer selects your gift offer, you’ll acquire their name, email address and opt-in permission to market to them. On average, you can expect that 20-40% of those who select your gift will come in to dine, but 100% opt-in to receive emails from you. You may use these in future promotions.

Processing a Nift gift is as easy as applying a discount at the register. No new software, hardware, or technical integrations are needed. When a gift is redeemed, restaurant servers credit the gift value at the register as they would with any other marketing promo code.

Nift is not directly involved in the transaction process. During the 30 days when a gift is valid, we rely on restaurants to honor the full value of the gift, subject to the rules and restrictions that were put in place by the restaurant when the gift was created. 

Surprise thank-you gifts beat ad interruptions. Nift partners surprise and delight consumers with thank-you gift cards. Nift’s patented algorithm matches each person with categories that help them use their gift card to discover and try something they have not considered before. Compelling gifts acquire top-of-funnel customers and automated reminder emails close the sale, driving verifiable traffic. 

Yes, we do. We are so confident that we can drive traffic to your multi-location concept or restaurant location, that we offer a no-risk, zero fee pilot. Your total exposure during the pilot period is the cost of goods sold for anyone who comes in to redeem your gift within 30 days. We can control the maximum number of gifts selected by limiting the number of gifts offered during the pilot. 

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Generate millions in new recurring revenue — at no cost — while thanking and delighting your customers.


Trigger contextually relevant emails that reinforce your brand. Prioritize thanking people immediately after they take action, such as making a purchase or downloading your app. Use quarterly messaging to re-engage inactive users, too.


Nift pilots are as simple for your team to set up as sending an email. Weʼll provide you with best practices, the graphics, top performing copy, a single unique referral link for gift card use, and a winning html email template. Bonus points if you can send a push notification, too. 

Since no customer data is shared and no development resources are needed, a pilot can typically be set up in less than two weeks. We’ll work with you to select contextually relevant moments to trigger a thank you email and delight your customers with a Nift gift card. 


TRACK ENGAGEMENT: Together weʼll track daily performance metrics, from open, CTR and selection to redemption and reviews.

MONITOR GIFT QUALITY: Ongoing algorithmic optimization and manual “do not offer”  suppression lists ensure only the best gifts are shown to your customers. 

FULL-SERVICE CUSTOMER SUCCESS TEAM: Dedicated email support at [email protected] and FAQs for your team.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEYS: Automatically sent by Nift after every gift is used, and shared in your dashboard.

Saying thank you with Nift gift cards is a great way to surprise, delight, and keep customers coming back. If your customer volume is high, you may also qualify to become a premium Nift partner and earn incremental revenue. To learn more, please talk with a member of our partnerships team.

We review every gift to make sure it’s suitable for the network, including the gift’s image, language, and type. Once approved, gifts are offered to customers who have already said they’re interested in discovering that type of business. We also request reviews every time a person redeems a gift. This helps Nift maintain high gift quality.

Nift can work seamlessly with existing loyalty programs. It’s a complement in the sense that it can be used to thank customers who have already been identified as deserving of a gift. Unlike traditional loyalty program rewards, Nift gifts feel more authentic because they aren’t a discount designed to bring the customer back to the business that gives them. They are real gifts, accompanied by a sincere thank you note, that encourage customers to discover another great up-and-coming business in the Nift network.

People love being thanked with surprise Nift gift cards, sometimes going as far as to send their own thank you note back to the business that gave them the Nift. Happy customers are more loyal customers, they are more engaged, spend more, and return more often than those who were not thanked with a Nift gift. 

Absolutely. We want your thank-you gift to feel right for your brand. Specific competitors and gift categories can be blocked as needed. Age and zip-code restrictions are always added to ensure the right gifts are shown.