If you want a reliable, verifiable way to bring in first-time customers at a cost that beats paid social, try Nift. With over 37M people nationwide, we’ll match your business with the right local customers, and we’ll only charge when we deliver. 

“Nift actually brings you NEW customers (and) we see that 98% of our Nift customers intend to come back.”
— Linda de Valpine, Owner of Greentail Table



“I’ve been getting a lot more customers coming in, and they’re all new customers… and they’re coming back… What I do like about Nift is that I’m able to track all of my customers that come in… I can go on my dashboard and I can see a listing of everyone. What they spent, and how much they spent over the gift amount. I can track who out of the customers are new and specifically which ones are repeat customers, and the amount of money coming in. It’s so simple to track everything that’s going on. I can even do it from my phone.”

— Mivan Spencer, Owner of Caffe dello Sport

“So many other programs offer you clicks or people looking at your website. But very few of them actually deliver people to your restaurant, and that’s one of the biggest things Nift offers us. It’s not going to cost me anything unless people come to the restaurant to spend some money… And you hear those stories, “Oh they came in with a Nift, and now they’re a regular.” 

— Matthew Mazzotta, General Manager at MASA

“I would definitely recommend Nift to other businesses. It’s been working great for us and we’ve tried a lot of things. You’d be stupid not to try it…  My favorite part is seeing the Nift dashboard and seeing the demographics of the people we’re bringing in here. It can help us market, and I want to use that information to help us grow as a company.”

— Shane Hyman, Assistant GM, Paris Creperie

“When we put a post on social media, we know how many likes we get, but we don’t see that translate into people spending money in our restaurant. There’s no way to quantify that. Whereas with Nift, you can see how many people come in, you can see how much they spent… It’s really simple. You know how much you’re spending. How much you’re going to spend… I like that we’re finding a way to get new people.”

— Zoe Bertrand, Manager Le Desales Restaurant

$ 2 M+
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2 M+
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Verifiable way to drive traffic and acquire customers. Bring in diners and first-party data.


Try our no-risk, zero fee pilot. It’s a light lift for marketers, and there’s no POS integration needed. We’ll work with you to create a gift that aligns with your ROAS goals and is as easy to redeem at the register as a traditional advertising promo code. We can geo-target by zip code and drive traffic to locations that need it most. We expect to see results within a week. Every customer and transaction is tracked and we have 100% Footfall attribution. 

Nift can use email data from your POS or loyalty program to ensure that existing customers can’t access your gift offer. This is optional but is incredibly valuable for concepts looking to get true “new to restaurant” diners.

Yes. You can target by zip code across the country to access over 35 million people. Nift customers are top-of-funnel consumers who have received a Nift gift card as a thank-you from one of our exclusive partners, like Mindbody and ParkMobile. They are not people who have heard of you and are searching for a discount for your restaurant. Gift offers appear based on Nift’s AI, predicted selection rates, and conversion data. By selecting categories, customers show interest before they see your restaurant’s specific gift offer. 


Every time a customer selects your gift offer, you’ll acquire their name, email address and opt-in permission to market to them. On average, you can expect that 20-40% of those who select your gift will come in to dine, but 100% opt-in to receive emails from you. You may use these in future promotions.

Processing a Nift gift is as easy as applying a discount at the register. No new software, hardware, or technical integrations are needed. When a gift is redeemed, restaurant servers credit the gift value at the register as they would with any other marketing promo code.

Nift is not directly involved in the transaction process. During the 30 days when a gift is valid, we rely on restaurants to honor the full value of the gift, subject to the rules and restrictions that were put in place by the restaurant when the gift was created. 

Surprise thank-you gifts beat ad interruptions. Nift partners surprise and delight consumers with thank-you gift cards. Nift’s patented algorithm matches each person with categories that help them use their gift card to discover and try something they have not considered before. Compelling gifts acquire top-of-funnel customers and automated reminder emails close the sale, driving verifiable traffic. 

Yes, we do. We are so confident that we can drive traffic to your multi-location concept or restaurant location, that we offer a no-risk, zero fee pilot. Your total exposure during the pilot period is the cost of goods sold for anyone who comes in to redeem your gift within 30 days. We can control the maximum number of gifts selected by limiting the number of gifts offered during the pilot. 


If you have any questions, please schedule a time to speak with a member of our team whenever is convenient for you, or if you’d prefer, feel free to message us. 


Marcia Ramos Sosa
Marcia Ramos Sosa
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I love getting these Nift Gifts! Saves me money while introducing me to new local businesses.
Yiphtah Raymond
Yiphtah Raymond
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This a great way to discover some wonderful local companies with beautiful products. I am so happy that I have a chance to be part of Nift. They have the gift cards customized to what you want so you won't be dissatisfied.
Clevanne Julce
Clevanne Julce
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I've been able to go to quite a bit of restaurants I otherwise would have never visited! Definitely a great way to get some of the smaller businesses in the area exposure.
Tessa Niven
Tessa Niven
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Nift has introduced me to so many amazing local businesses by my home and office that I would have never known about otherwise. I love trying new places and giving money to local small businesses! Thank you Nift!!
Brianna Fries
Brianna Fries
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It's a great site and they have great "nifts" - "neighborhood gifts" for lots of cool, local places. They promote small businesses and give out certificates to explore these small businesses. I've been able to find a lot of new local favorites and try places I normally wouldn't/ never heard of because of them. Their customer service is also always super quick and very helpful.
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As a customer it was super nice getting a Nift card. The owner of the coffee shop made me feel appreciated and I got to try some new restaurants in town that I had never been to! I love the concept and think that this will help send people to restaurants and stores that they would have never otherwise been to! HIGHLY recommend Nift


Discover a brand new way to bring in local customers, who come back.