If you want first-time customers who’ll come back to your business, again and again, try Nift. With over 35M people nationwide, we’ll match your business with the right local customers, and we’ll only charge when we deliver. 

“Nift actually brings you NEW customers (and) we see that 98% of our Nift customers intend to come back.”
— Linda de Valpine, Owner of Greentail Table



“I’ve been getting a lot more customers coming in, and they’re all new customers… and they’re coming back… What I do like about Nift is that I’m able to track all of my customers that come in… I can go on my dashboard and I can see a listing of everyone. What they spent, and how much they spent over the gift amount. I can track who out of the customers are new and specifically which ones are repeat customers, and the amount of money coming in. It’s so simple to track everything that’s going on. I can even do it from my phone.”

— Mivan Spencer, Owner of Caffe dello Sport

“So many other programs offer you clicks or people looking at your website. But very few of them actually deliver people to your restaurant, and that’s one of the biggest things Nift offers us. It’s not going to cost me anything unless people come to the restaurant to spend some money… And you hear those stories, “Oh they came in with a Nift, and now they’re a regular.” 

— Matthew Mazzotta, General Manager at MASA

“I would definitely recommend Nift to other businesses. It’s been working great for us and we’ve tried a lot of things. You’d be stupid not to try it…  My favorite part is seeing the Nift dashboard and seeing the demographics of the people we’re bringing in here. It can help us market, and I want to use that information to help us grow as a company.”

— Shane Hyman, Assistant GM, Paris Creperie

“When we put a post on social media, we know how many likes we get, but we don’t see that translate into people spending money in our restaurant. There’s no way to quantify that. Whereas with Nift, you can see how many people come in, you can see how much they spent… It’s really simple. You know how much you’re spending. How much you’re going to spend… I like that we’re finding a way to get new people.”

— Zoe Bertrand, Manager Le Desales Restaurant

“It allows me to really target the customer base that I am looking for. And it was the only option that I had seen out there that allowed us to quickly get known in the local community… in a cost-effective way… Their customers are the people that I want to become our customers (and) we have a high retention rate of Nift customers.”

— Marco Beatrice, Co-Owner Aspire! Med Spa

“People from Nift have come in and become members. They actually get to come in and try three classes here… We get a lot of people coming in off Nift… It’s been beneficial to the business in terms of traffic… I would recommend it to people, to be a part of Nift.”

— John Murray, Owner Back Bay Boxing

“Some people come in and they will tell us that they’ve been here two or three times, and I had no idea you existed. That’s exactly why we do Nift… These are customers we wouldn’t have acquired otherwise. There really is no way…”

— Jeremy Spindler, Owner Spindler Confections

“I like the fact that it’s bringing in new people, and being able to bring in customers you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. People are coming in happy because they have a gift, and then it’s an opportunity ”

Kerry Kokkinogenis, Owner Wildflower Pantry

$ 2 M+
5390 +
2 M+


We partner with neighborhood businesses, bringing them new customers who live nearby and are more likely to return. We service thousands of businesses, including restaurants, gyms, salons, boutiques, and shops across the country. 

We’ve introduced over 35 million people to thousands of businesses, generating over $525,000,000 in first-time sales and repeat visits—all for a flat fee of $2 to $5 per customer, with no contracts or minimums. 

Yes, we do. We are so confident that we can bring the right kinds of customers to try your business, that we’ll cover your first $300. That’s up to 100 new customers at no cost, with no contracts or minimums.  

>> Start My Free Trial ($300 Value)

With no contracts or minimums, we have to continuously prove that we deliver new customers who come back. That’s why we track everything. Your dashboard will show you how much money each first-time customer spends, how many people were in their party, what neighborhood they live in, and if they intend to come back.  We also survey customers 30-days later to verify who has already returned. 

Using Nift is as easy as applying a discount at the register. No new software, hardware, or technical integrations are needed. 

Getting set up with Nift is quick and easy. You can expect to start seeing new customers within the first week. Begin by scheduling a demo call and a member of our team will show you how to get started with a free trial ($300 value). 


If you have any questions, please schedule a time to speak with a member of our team whenever is convenient for you, or if you’d prefer, feel free to message us. 


Marcia Ramos Sosa
Marcia Ramos Sosa
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I love getting these Nift Gifts! Saves me money while introducing me to new local businesses.
Yiphtah Raymond
Yiphtah Raymond
Read More
This a great way to discover some wonderful local companies with beautiful products. I am so happy that I have a chance to be part of Nift. They have the gift cards customized to what you want so you won't be dissatisfied.
Clevanne Julce
Clevanne Julce
Read More
I've been able to go to quite a bit of restaurants I otherwise would have never visited! Definitely a great way to get some of the smaller businesses in the area exposure.
Tessa Niven
Tessa Niven
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Nift has introduced me to so many amazing local businesses by my home and office that I would have never known about otherwise. I love trying new places and giving money to local small businesses! Thank you Nift!!
Brianna Fries
Brianna Fries
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It's a great site and they have great "nifts" - "neighborhood gifts" for lots of cool, local places. They promote small businesses and give out certificates to explore these small businesses. I've been able to find a lot of new local favorites and try places I normally wouldn't/ never heard of because of them. Their customer service is also always super quick and very helpful.
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As a customer it was super nice getting a Nift card. The owner of the coffee shop made me feel appreciated and I got to try some new restaurants in town that I had never been to! I love the concept and think that this will help send people to restaurants and stores that they would have never otherwise been to! HIGHLY recommend Nift


Discover a brand new way to bring in local customers, who come back.